A lot of people seem to be curious about the cost of adult braces. Well they are aren’t cheap. I went to a couple orthodontists. The first one quoted me about $5700. But I would have gotten a 6% discount for paying the whole thing at the start, and not using credit.
But I had problems with that orthodontist, so I got a referral to another orthodontist. The second orthodontist charged me $4500 for the braces. Plus I spend an extra few hundred dollars to get the ceramic brackets. I really debated about going with the standard metal brackets, or the ceramic brackets. But my brother said go for the ceramic brackets, so I got them. I figured a few hundred dollars over the life of my braces was that big of a deal.
My dental insurance covered about $2000 of the cost of my braces. The regular dental insurance didn’t cover adult braces. But then they offered an upgrade where we had to pay a little more each pay check, and commit to two years. I went for it, and got my braces. It will be nices to have straight teeth. I will have to look at getting my teeth whitened.