When I got my teeth cleaned back on February 26th, the dental hygenist hist a spot that made me jump. I hadn’t had any pain or anything. The only sign that something was wrong was when she hit the spot with a metal scraper probe thing. She said she thouhgt there was some decay on the tooth but wasn’t sure since it was next to a bracket.
I made an appointment witht he dentist and they verified there was some decay on the tooth but I would need to get a bracket removed to give them access to the tooth.
So on my next orthodontist appointment, he removed the bracket, and I made an appointment with the dentist. All during this time, I never had any pain from the tooth unless it was being poked with a metal probe. Mayeb occasionally while brushing I might feel some discomfort.
On April 16th I had my dentist appointment, and he drilled and filled the tooth. But ever since getting the filling I have had an Intermittent tooth ache in that area. I am not positive it is the same tooth, but it seems pretty coincidental that I start getting a toothache on that area after getting the filling.
I am just a little peeved. Going from something that wasn’t bothering me, to getting it fixed and now having it bugging me.
The pain is sort of a dull ache that comes and goes. At times it doesn’t bother me at all. But at other times I get a dull ache. Last night I had a hard time getting to sleep because of it.
I called the dentist today and have an appointment for tomorrow morning to get it checked out. I probaby could have gotten in today, but I have been living with this for almost two weeks now, another day wont kill me.